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("Tunas Group") was born as a family company called Tunas Indonesia Motor in 1967 as an importer and sales of new and used cars. In 1980, the Group integrated all business units under oneholding company, PT Tunas Ridean.


to be the most innovative automotive company in Indonesia by creating memorable experience at every step of the customer journey


1. Deliver peace-of-mind automotive experience 

2. Create sustainable growth and returns through progressive operations

3. Develop human capital and nurture strong leadership

4. Create value and mutual growth through strategic partnerships

5. Make a difference in our community


The Company has defined a set of corporate values that will serve as the guidance for every individual in the Company, including management and the employees, to act and to behave. The Company has also developed focused and directed strategies that are formulated based on the corporate vision and mission and key principles in serving the customers.

I integrity

Act consistently in accordance with company values and policies, as well as professional code of ethics

pro active

Have a more responsive attitude, be faster and first in anticipating, working on and getting things done

intrapr E neurship
Entrepreneurship within the company

Looking for better ways to meet customer expectations

Customer Focus
Focus on Customers

Strive to understand, establish close relationships and seek feedback from customers on a regular basis

Respect others

Respect other people's importance, and treat them appropriately and in their place as a professional


Company name

Name of the company

PT. Tunas Ridean

Scope of Business Activities

Scope of Business of Activities

Agency, Distribution, Trading
Dealership, Distributor, Trading


Share Ownership

PT. Primary Mainstay Tunas (44.53%)
Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd (46.24%)
Public (9.23%)



Registered Office

Registered Office

Jl. Pecenongan No. 60-62
Jakarta 10120

Founding Date

Date of Establishment

July 24, 1980

Authorized capital

Authorized Capital

Rp. 250,000,000,000

Issued and fully deposited capital

Issued and Fully Paid-in Capital

Rp. 139,500,000,000

Head Office Address

Head Office's Address

Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu No. 7, Jakarta 12740
Phone     : +62 21 794 4788
Call Center  : +62 21 1500 798
E-mail       :
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